So you’ve decided to get married…congratulations! Virtually every survey of wedding planners and couples rates the music as the most important ingredient in making your reception a success. Our organization provides a small number of proven units providing elegant and fun continuous music with a repertoire from Standards to Today.

Our musicians will arrive neat, clean, well dressed and on time. They are also are experienced in handling the special requirements of your wedding. Just like a painter uses dark and light colors, our bands know how to pace a party: We know how to get your guests to sit down and eat at the right time and to get up and dance at other times.

Our band will cover if there is a delay because of any unforeseen circumstances and keep the party moving so no one will know the difference. Our office provides as many in-person meetings and as much phone time as is necessary to make you feel totally confident. And because of our repertoire of literally thousands of MEMORIZED tunes, we will give your reception a continuous flow of music.

We are a boutique that limits our number of bands so that we never lose “quality control”. We specialize in providing the best music for those who recognize the importance of quality in “making” the party. We will give you a feeling of total security so that you can concentrate on having fun and letting your good energy flow on your special night. In short, we are the “Wedding Band for those who don’t like Wedding Bands”.

Hear What They are Saying:

wedding1“Your band was the ingredient which changed our wedding reception from good to fantastic! The music after dinner was hot, hot, hot…”




“Motown was amazing…”





“Cole Porter/Sinatra/Buble was beautiful at dinner”


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